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PPR and polypropylene random copolymer, is currently widely used in hot and cold water piping material. Because of its convenience, high reliability is widely used. With the rise of independent heating market, PPR pipe also is applied to the heating system in the past. Concealed works of warm pipes are better meet the following conditions:

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The concept understanding of inverter Inverter is the process of converting AC energy into DC power, called rectification, the completion of the rectification function of the circuit called rectification Circuit, the realization of the rectification process of the device known as rectification equipment or rectifier. Correspondingly, the process of converting DC energy into alternating current is called inverter, and the circuit which completes the inverter function is called the inverter circuit, and the device which realizes the inverter process is called the inverter device or inverter.
PPR Ball Valve due to the opening and closing process of friction between the small, more durable, open high, easy to manufacture, convenient maintenance. The valve is designed with streamlined flow path, small flow resistance and increased water flow. Seal pad self-locking Design, no need to glue and screw fixed, to eliminate the long-term use of the process of sealing pad aging off, plugging pipe.
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