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Decrypt The Yangquan City, Ruicheng Leader Behind The Project Distributed Programs Into The Inverter Selection Of Hard Power

A few days ago, yangquan, Shanxi ruicheng 2016 PV leader issued documents. As a newly approved PV leader in Al-Qaida, yangquan and ruicheng PV inverter technology standards require much industry attention. Author notes, has been clearly identified in the tender documents distribution programmes and efficiency requirements, testing and certification, and so there is a clear standard.

Yangquan city, ruicheng leader bidding documents for explicitly included in the distributed inverter, confirmed most of the photovoltaic industry perspective. Distributed into public view, and gradually carried out the bulk of business applications across the country, which combined with string or multiple MPPT tracking and centralized good characteristics of grid adaptation by industry recognition. Hub-what is some people attacked the so-called "gimmick" is really down to the best opportunity? here, the author from the power generation efficiency, reliability, safety, advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of distributed inverter.

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