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Plastic Pipe Fitting PPR Flange Core

1.Type:Flange core 2.Application:water supply 3.Size:40mm-110mm 4.MOQ:100pieces


Plastic pipe fitting PPR flange core

Detailed information:

1.Material: Imported raw material

2.Place of Orgin:Zhejiang,China(Mainland)


4.Color:white,green,grey,or as customer’s requirement

6.Type:Flange core

7.Application:water supply




1. Non-toxic and hygienic. Raw materials for PP-R fitting only contain carbon and hydrogen elements, and no harmful and toxic elements exist. Thus, PP-R fitting is hygienic and reliable. It is applicable not only to cold and hot water pipeline, but also to pure drinking water system.

2. Thermal insulating and energy saving. The thermal conductivity of the PP-R fitting is 0.21w/mk, which is only 1/200 of that of steels'.

3. Heat resistant. The vicat softening point of the PP-R fitting is 131.5 °C . The highest working temperature is up to 95 °C . It can meet the application requirements of hot water system in building water-supply and drainage standard.

4. Long service life. Under the condition that the working temperature is 70 °C and the working pressure is 1.OMP, the PP-R fittings' service life is up to over 50 years; the service life may be up to over 100 years under normal temperature.

5. Easy to install and reliable to connected. The PP-R has good weld ability, and the pipe and fittings may be connected through hot melting and electric melting. It is convenient to install and has reliable joints. The connection parts are tougher than the pipe itself.

6. There are bar code label on the tube, can easy track product information.

CHENYU is dedicated to the manufacturing and processing of various plastic pipe fitting ppr flange core of high-quality. You are able to get the pricelist and quotation with us - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of plastic pipe fitting ppr flange core and also have a productive factory.

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